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Call 01451 861111
Call 01451 861111

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  • Massive 25,000+/- lot quarterly auctions
  • Insured free delivery
  • ALL lots guaranteed
  • Loyalty-Post-Free
  • Unique 'ramped' reducing-price selling-systems
  • FREE distributed 300 page catalogues with 5,000 colour illustrations
  • Up to 1,750 bidders from 52 different countries in each auction
  • No buyers premium
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Welcome to an entirely different Philatelic Company where You are finally treated like the VIP – Very Important Philatelist you are.

You will never find a more collector-focused Philatelic Company serving YOU …

Established 1958 we’re now known as Universal Philatelic Auctions (UPA)

We Look After You

Because it’s mutual

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About UPA

Since 1958 we have listened to collectors telling us what they need. This is the reason why we are the only Philatelic company in the United Kingdom today which has created multiple philatelic selling-systems – seamlessly delivering stamps we guarantee. UPA currently serves beginners through to specialist collectors worldwide, in 54 different countries.

If you collect stamps, covers or collections, take a moment to browse for what you want. You will find some attractive ‘Get You Started’ offers, and if you don’t see what you are looking for, or you seek some philatelic advice from time-served Philatelic industry specialists, just let us know and we’ll try to help.

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Our Services

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Auctions run on average 4 times a year. Catalogues are available in advance, and we provide detailed information on how to bid


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Valuations are undertaken at our office in Northleach. We occasionally make home visits, but only for particularly valuable collections.Valuations are available by appointment only. For clients who live some distance away, we are happy to get collections picked up by courier (at our expense) and delivered to our office.


  • Drop off appointment: drop off your collection in person for a receipt, so that we may carry out the valuation in our own time. Once completed, we will contact you to advise the outcome and so that you can decided how to proceed.
  • Ship the collection by courier: we can arrange to have collections picked up by courier (at our expense) and brought here for assessment. The collection would need to be well packed, in line with our Packing Guidelines.
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UPA’s instant-purchase service incorporating our unique price-drop system.Our Top-Up Twenty service provides collectors with an opportunity to ‘top up’ their collection with exclusive lots in between our quarterly auctions.

These lots are independent of the auction and vary in size, from a single stamp to a multi-album collection. Each lot is included for its interest or of high/highest calibre, described personally by Andrew and photographed in full so you can clearly inspect it before purchase.

Our cast-iron No Quibble Guarantee applies across all Top-Up Twenty lots and we offer easy instalment plans for higher priced items, enabling you to seriously improve your collection.

Top-up Twenty

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Since 1958 our Approvals business has been supplying stamps upon approval to thousands of collectors worldwide. With over 1,000,000 different individually priced stamps in 7,000+ approval books, the chances are that we will have something you are missing, which will add interest and value to your collection.

How It Works

Send us a request and we will send you a selection based on your collecting interests. Simply keep what you want, and send back the rest with payment for the stamps you’ve added to your collection. If you’d like another selection, complete the form included in the first sending and the team will oblige.


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Would you enjoy picking stamps at low unit prices regardless of catalogue value? Would you enjoy forgetting the prices? Would you enjoy the thrill of making a find and paying pence to do so?

Well, now you can. If you’re a real collector, not an investor, I’m putting the fun back into philately so you can enjoy collecting how it used to be. It’s not a club, but it feels like one… Like me, you may remember swapping stamps, and in order for you to test my Avon World Mixtures I’m offering you the opportunity to select your 1st 500 stamps FREE so that you can see for yourself how much fun there is to be had from the trial mixture bag.


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Discover our range of shops on ebay, including:

Ebay shops

  • Universaphilatelic A large selection of surplus accumulations, collections and box lots.
  • Upacollectables - Modern material and unusual items, many lots starting at just 1 penny!
  • Upa-global - Philatelic accessories, such as stamp hinges and tweezers.
  • Upa-online - Specialised, classic material.
  • Upa-empirephilatelic - Various / unusual philatelic items, suited for specialist collectors.

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Don’t just take our word for it

One of the most enjoyable, interactive and informative
training programs I have ever attended

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AN, Ayrshire

Approvals Customer

“Your bags of stamps are good! It took me 4 days (an hour a day) to look through. These bags give you the option of replacing existing copies (ie. too heavily franked) or having a pair instead of single copies of which I did both! The wee books are good also as I get to view the higher value ones and those which you don’t see as often.”

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